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Belinda Jewelz is committed to positively impacting the natural and working world by focusing on human rights, ethical integrity, and sustainable material sourcing. Our approach is built on concrete initiatives to provide equitable work opportunities and fair pay on a domestic and international scale. Our unwavering promise to set better value standards starts from the ground up using sustainable recycled metal, globally verified fair-trade gold, and one of a kind gemstones sourced from over 90 countries. You can expect to see tangible results in taking bold and innovative steps to improve ethical, environmental, and humanitarian practices. Our vision is to harness a workforce with equal representation and access to opportunity, from reducing our carbon footprint to accelerating safe mining practices and fair pay. Here at Belinda Jewelz, we strive to encourage financial resilience by elevating environmental and ethical standards. The unique experiences that directly and positively impact the livelihood of others pour quality meaning into every step of the process and every detail of the product.

Majority of our jewelry is manufactured in our own factory in New Jersey which we started as during COVID-19 when things became really hard to source from Thailand. We cast, file, polish and engrave jewelry in our factory in New Jersey to give us full control over our supply chain. Belinda Jewelz pay fair wages to our workers who are working hard in perfecting the art of using recycled metal.