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We’re concerned about the state of homeless people in New York

 At Homeless Shelters Hot Meal is Extremely Important

To help make a difference in the society, Belinda Jewelz have partnered with Coalition For The Homeless to perceive that change in our society. Every New Yorker deserves a hot meal and with our partnership we feed people in New York every single night.


At Belinda Jewelz 5% proceeds of all sales goes to the homeless shelters in New York.


coalition for the homeless


    We focus on bettering our society and making the world a better place,
    all our products are guarantee approved and follow our way of life to make a difference and help improve our society.


    Keep increasing and making a difference to our society. We are inspired every day by the stunning color variations of genuine gemstones, which we endeavor to represent in our collections. Every member of our team is passionate and well-acquainted with our materials.

  • Hunger Relief

    While approximately half of the world population has it all figured out.

  • Electricity

    When we’re assessing the energy needs of 100 countries in the world.

  • Human Rights

    Fighting various types of human rights violation does include fighting things like

  • Clean Water

    Just as it goes for the food supply and distribution globally, access

  • Fighting Diseases

    The world healthcare overview looks better than 50 years ago, but still

  • Contraception

    As far as the healthcare concerns for women, legal and illegal abortions