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Here at Belinda Jewelz, we work around the clock adhering to the most advanced industry standards to provide greater transparency in our business process. In contrast to trendy and short-lived Jewelry, we set out to create a better & brighter blueprint for tomorrow by focusing on the foundational details that apply throughout the value chain. We are committed to making it our mission to catalyze change in the health and livelihood of those abroad and just down the road from us here in New York City.


With your generous support, every article of Jewelry purchased will go directly to support fair-mining initiatives to improve labor practice and raise the bar on sustainable material sourcing. In addition to this, your proceeds will generate local job opportunities and provide hot meal donations to food banks and homeless shelters across the state. Our ethical integrity approach sits at the heart of everything we do. It is these very principles that shape our core values, inspire our collections, and pour meaningfully unique detail into every product you purchase.